Profactory er et godt bud på fremtidens testsystem [Artikel]

ProFactory: Tomorrow’s Test System [Article]

Want to know more about ProFactory – a brand new test system that will benefit everything from small to large-scale companies? Then read the Danish article: "ProFactory er et godt bud på fremtidens testsystem" in the sixth edition of Aktuel Elektronik, a Danish electronics magazine.

Fortsat solid vækst hos GPower [Artikel]

Solid Growth at GPower [Article]

In the fourth edition of Aktuel Elektronik, a Danish electronics magazine, you will find a story about GPower on page 2. A story that is based on a record result for the financial year 2018/2019. The result allows us to hire even more software developers, but also to make a big investment in the further development of our software platform. Please note that the original article is written in Danish.

By Rolf Sylvester-Hvid. Read the original article here.

GPower is making a record result for the 2018/2019 financial year. The result has, among other things, allowed the company to hire even more software developers, but also enabled them to make a big investment in the development of their software platform that is targeted test projects. A further development that will benefit everything from small to large companies.

GPower is generally recognized as one of the most valuable partners for National Instruments (NI) in Denmark. This is partly due to their position as the leading company when it comes to NI’s programming language, LabVIEW, and their framework for test management, TestStand.

GPower is also considered to be a leading company in terms of innovative testing and measurement solutions to some of the world’s leading industrial companies. These solutions could be everything from development of measurement and data collection systems to be used for wind turbine optimization, to test systems for quality assurance of products.

The Staff Is Growing

The good result from 2019 is expected to continue in 2020, as GPower’s calendar is already fully booked.

The many orders mean that GPower can continue to increase the number of highly specialized employees, which the employment of an experienced LabVIEW and TestStand expert back in February also indicates. In relation to this, GPower’s CEO, Martin Boje, explains that he expects to hire more developers in the first quarter:

– The combination of a growing demand for projects and a continuous development of our own products and concepts mean that we will be hiring one to two profiles more in Q1. By comparing to 2019, we really expect the staff to increase significantly in 2020. This can be done because of the reasonable profits we have generated in 2019, and we can finally start to reap the fruits of the strategic commitment, we launched in 2017, he says.

Several employees, projects, and customers have simultaneously demanded a new organizational structure. As a result, two Tech Leads are now part of GPower’s development department. The two Tech Leads support GPower’s CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, in relation to day-to-day operations, as well as having a leading role in development projects and further development of GPower’s software packages.

Furthermore, changes have also taken place in GPower’s sales department, where they have implemented a Tech Sales. The new Tech Sales is responsible for developing concepts, strategic cooperation agreements, and partnerships. In this way, GPower expects to be even more at the forefront of the changing market demands, which is necessary in order to provide the absolute best test and measurement solutions.

New Products and Concepts are Developed in Parallel with Projects

With this news, GPower lives up to what they said back in 2017. Here, they made it clear that the ambition was not just to act as hourly consultants. Instead, they would develop their own products and concepts in parallel with several customer projects, which they are doing well.

GPower is now looking forward to presenting their new product. They reveal that it concerns a test system that has already been sold to a couple of larger companies. That said, the system is also geared to test execution on a smaller scale. This news also means that GPower’s new and reportedly groundbreaking system is not just relevant for large but also small companies.

– From a personal point of view, I find that both small and large-scale companies are very interested in ProFactory for the reason that the investment in a smart test system will make its money back quickly. That is for instance the case in relation to product and feature development, but also in terms of cost minimization and having a future-proof system, says Martin Boje.

At GPower, they are pleased with last year’s results, but they are already focusing on how they can make the next financial year even better. In this way, they can continue to grow in the number of projects and employees, as both parameters help to invest in the further development of their own products and concepts.

Martin Boje: Vi regner med at fordoble antallet af medarbejdere [Artikel]

GPower: We Expect to Double the Number of Employees [Article]

Please note that the original article is written in Danish by Kian Johansen who is editor at the local newspaper, Lokalavisen Favrskov.

Over Nine Months, GPower Has Grown from 4 to 11 Employees

By adding one and one, you get sometimes more than two. At any rate, this seems to be the case in the programming company GPower that has office in Hinnerup near Aarhus.

Since the founder of GPower, Steen Secher Schmidt, hired a partner in August last year, the number of employees has grown from 4 to 11, and the expectation is that the number of employees will be doubled once again within a year.

The expectation is that GPower will need physicists, engineers and project managers.

“We expect to have doubled the number of employees in a year,” explains Martin Boje, CEO.

When does the growth stop?

“I cannot imagine that the growth will stop. In addition to our project sales, we have future as well as high potential earnings to deliver more standardized products to our customers,” says Martin.

From Big Companies to All Kind of Companies

Today, the customers are primarily big players such as Siemens and Vestas who need tailored solutions. While Vestas for instance needs a method to measure the load of wind turbines, Siemens has a need of simulation solutions.

In the future, the plan is that the company will focus on product sales for small and medium-sized companies.

“To make it simple, the advanced programming for big projects can be gathered in standard modules. Then, you can make use of modules that are already tested, and put them into a solution for a smaller company,” explains Martin Boje, who has 14 years of management experience from iPaper and Den Blå Avis among others.

CEO Arrived

Martin Boje takes care of the administrative tasks and strategic decisions in order to free Steen’s skills into new and exciting product development for simulation and testing among others. In the industry, Steen is known as one of the most capable programmers to handle the software produced by the predominant market leader National Instruments.

And in fact, the company was visiting the headquarters in Austin last month where a strategic co-operation agreement was discussed.

Created in 2012

Therefore, the company has been witness to a huge growth since Steen Secher Schmidt created GPower in 2012. At the time, the usual practice was to sell as many man-hours as possible instead of providing clients with high-quality solutions at a reasonable price. Steen made his ambition reality by developing a modular software-foundation with the ability to reuse and customize software elements from previous projects which has turned out to be a revolution in the industry.

The idea was to make instruments up to 80 percent complete by design start instead of starting from scratch every time to make quality instruments available for also small and medium-sized companies.

Facts About GPower

    • Established in 2012 by Steen Secher Schmidt.
    • At the time, it was a one-man business.
    • In August 2017, Martin Boje became CEO and partner.
    • Today, they are 11 employees.
Martin Boje: GPower er meget mere end LabVIEW-arkitekter [Artikel]

Aktuel Elektronik: GPower Is Much More than LabVIEW Architects [Article]

Based on our latest stories, we have reached the front page in the seventh edition of Aktuel Elektronik, a Danish electronics magazine! Read the article here, where you will also find a link to the original article! Please note that the original article is written in Danish.

With the appointment of three new employees and the establishment of a new office just before the turn of the year, GPower has make for a new direction that will also involve proprietary products and solutions in the long term.


For a long time, GPower has been recognized as one of the most valuable partners for National Instruments in Denmark where GPower’s founder, Steen Schmidt, has developed a number of exciting metrological solutions for the wind turbine sector among others. These solutions have typically been based on NI’s LabVIEW software and data collection modules from the same company. However, over time, GPower has increased the ambitions.

– When I became a part of the company, the purpose was to release Steen Schmidt’s resources into new and exciting product development, so I could take care of the administrative part. GPower has potential for much more than existing range of products, but of course it requires a strategy that combines the existing strengths with projects that can provide training for the company’s technical experts. And then there must be room for new employees, says Martin Boje who became CEO at GPower last year.

Room for expansion is also the reason that GPower moved to new premises around the turn of the year. At present, the company has grown to be 10 employees, but there is room for even more as the premises allow us to expand to 26 men. In addition, GPower has also better laboratory facilities as well as an associated warehouse, which can be very important as the company develops its series of products.

Several Projects Justify More Employees

From 1 May 2018, two new employees have joined the GPower team. The increasing number of projects in different industries and the ongoing development of the company’s modular software requires more system developers for GPower’s development team. This means, among other things, that the company has employed Jeppe Lohse as a new system developer for development projects. Jeppe Lohse is, however, not the only new employee who started 1 May. GPower has also employed an experienced project manager for project management of existing and future projects by the name of Michael Prisskov Lundsgaard. Michael has, among other things, more than 10 years of project management experience regarding software and hardware projects.

– Our expectations for the future are that we will build on our modular software in parallel with external projects, so we can make quality instruments available for even more companies. In this regard, we also look forward to launching our product sales pages in a few months as the pages will help to support our future focus on project sales as well as product sales, says Martin Boje.

Away from Hourly Paid Consultancy

So saying, GPower is now far beyond the previous image as “LabVIEW Architects”. The company will no longer serve as hourly paid consultants. It is undoubtedly a good and a safe business model, but it is not very prescient. Instead, GPower will, in parallel with a number of customer tasks, develop its own prototypes and products that can give GPower a proprietary program with the possibility of customization, so they will be able to deliver complete and quick solutions for their customers – more or less based on own designs and algorithms.

– Steen Schmidt has described a lot of add-ons for NI’s products, including modular superstructures for the CompactRIO platform. This is an excellent model as a project in fact can be up to 80 percent finished from the beginning of the design, and it will make “affordable” a keyword in relation to specific projects. Furthermore, it will make it possible for small and medium-sized businesses buying design and development for a merciful price, says Martin Boje.

GPower has also initiated a strategic partnership with NI to commit NI’s modular hardware platform with GPower’s modular software platform. In the long term, this will result in new “standard products” that will undoubtedly benefit more customers. With regard to hardware, Steen Schmidt imagines a matrix moving from boards in the size of a credit card to RIO solutions, while the functional axis will consist of data collection, signal generation and a combination of both of them in the high-end solutions. However, it is a model that can be adjusted along the way. But the way to finished products has become shorter for customers – whether the starting point is a LabVIEW application or a totally different solution.

Randers Amtsavis: Rekortfart på GPower [Artikel]

Randers Amtsavis: Record Speed at GPower [Article]

”Record Speed at GPower – They Need More Employees”. That was the headline, when we had space in the business magazine in Randers Amtsavis last week. Here, you will find a translation of the article.

Record speed at GPower – they need more employees

At the software company GPower, they have tripled the staff of employees in just six months. Only in this year, GPower has welcomed three new developers and a project manager and has grown to be 10 employees at the time of writing, but with hopes and expectations for further growth in the next future.

Since the summer of 2017, the company has had Martin Boje at the helm as CEO and co-owner with Steen Secher Schmidt, and Martin Boje believes that there is even more for the company to find.

“Our expectations for the future are that we will build on our software in parallel with external projects, so we can make quality instruments available for a wider range of businesses than previously seen. But in order to support the future focus on both project and product sales, we need to grow the staff of employees, which we are already working on,” says Martin Boje.

Martin Boje has, among other things, been CEO at Den Blå Avis and Sales and Business Development Director at iPaper.

Martin Boje og Steen Schmidt i Aktuel Elektronik

Elektronikfokus: GPower in a New Setup [Article]

During the technology and industry conference we attended in Herning, we met with Rolf Sylvester-Hvid from the Danish magazine, Elektronikfokus. Here, you will find a translation of the article that came from it.

Danish Company GPower Planning a Global Expansion

With four or five job-openings the company based in Hinnerup, GPower’s, growth has entered the fast-track. At the moment, the company has around eight employees, but with their future employment of more designers and developers in line with GPower’s core-skills they aim to grow from a status as a start-up company to lead the market within their field – and seizing the opportunities that present themselves in the global market.

Therefore, GPower’s founder, Steen Schmidt, made the smart move to transfer himself to the role of CTO, Chief Technology Officer, and to leave the commercial steering wheel to Martin Boje who, as CEO, will carry the responsibility to further grow and build up the company. Steen Schmidt needed a partner, and with Martin Boje’s past in sales and development of iPaper and as CEO of Den Blå Avis he found a partnership that combines the technical and financial aspects of the business. A combination that for several years have been a formula for success for a lot of tech-based companies.

GPower’s solutions have been and will continue to be specialized solutions for tests and monitoring, simulations, instrumentation, and visualization directed towards the green-energy sector. As opposed to the customer-specific solutions it is GPower’s ambition to establish measuring and monitoring platforms that will be the foundation for standardized products. This is still at a very early stage but there certainly are a lot of indications that the level of expertise in the field in Denmark regarding wind energy and measurable increase in efficiency definitely has a place in the global markets.

– We are currently developing a marketing strategy that aims to put us in talks with a number of interesting people in terms of project sales. Through somewhat of an internal education program we will gain a high level of insight and knowledge in our senior consultants that will then be trained for each specific task. This is a lot of work since we of course are working on our current projects for clients as well. However, we hope to free up Steen Schmidt’s resources, so he can focus exclusively on the development of technology,” Martin Boje explains.