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GPower Welcomes postdoc, Jeppe Langeland!

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Tre LabVIEW Champions hos GPower

GPower: No Less than Three LabVIEW Champions

At GPower, we are not just one or two, but nothing less than three LabVIEW Champions! An appointment that emphasizes our LabVIEW skills to a great extent. In short, LabVIEW is a visual programming language from NI which is especially used for test, measurement, and control. We would like to congratulate Jesper Kjær Sørensen, who, among other things, want to create a LabVIEW network in Denmark. A network where you can learn from each other across companies and universities.

What Is a LabVIEW Champion?

As a LabVIEW Champion, you have been recognized by NI for application development, technical depth and breadth, and leadership and contributions to the LabVIEW community. In addition to being credible technology experts from around the world who inspire others to learn and grow with LabVIEW through active technical community participation and face-to-face interactions, LabVIEW Champions are also characterized by being positive contributors and part of the success of LabVIEW.

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The Only Danish Consultancy with LabVIEW Champions

In addition to being the only LabVIEW Champion consultancy team in Denmark, GPower is also the highest certified LabVIEW and TestStand team. An average that supports the fact that we can solve the most demanding and complicated software challenges within test, measurement, and control. 

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A Statement from our New Champion

“When I started at GPower back in 2017, my ambition was to become one of the best LabVIEW developers. There is still a long way to go, but I am enormously proud to be included in the LabVIEW Champions network. In addition to being a super cool network, it also provides the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions across continents and cultures.

I look forward to helping shape the future of LabVIEW. There are some exciting initiatives from NI and the various LabVIEW communities, which include, among other things, expanding the teaching opportunities, promoting collaboration on open-source tools, and much more. This supports my work in the non-profit organization GCentral, where I am part of the board of Directors as well as GCentral’s Idea Exchange.

Soon, my goal is to create a LabVIEW network in Denmark with the aim of learning from each other across companies and universities. So, please let me know if you’re up for joining” – Jesper Kjær Sørensen.

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GPower er nu en del af IO-Link fællesskabet

GPower Is Now Part of the IO-Link Community

Based on our IO-Link Toolkit for LabVIEW and TestStand, we are now part of the Community. The goal of the community is to develop IO-Link as a technology among others. Learn more about IO-Link, see members, and download our free toolkit right here!

What is IO-Link?

IO-Link is the first standardized IO technology worldwide (IEC 61131-9) for the communication with sensors and actuators. The powerful point-to-point communication is based on the long established 3-wire sensor and actuator connection without additional requirements regarding the cable material. So, IO-Link is no fieldbus but the further development of the existing, tried-and-tested connection technology for sensors and actuators.

As example, the system architecture could look as follows which is based on LabVIEW and TestStand: og GPower - LabVIEW og TestStand

Member Overview

Who is part of the IO-Link community? By clicking here, you will find an overview of all the companies involved in the IO-Link Consortium.

GPower IO-Link

Even though IO-Link has been around for more than a decade there has been no easy way to connect the devices with the NI tool chain. This is why the GPower IO-Link is revolutionary. By installing just one toolkit you gain access to data from more than 30.000 devices right in your LabVIEW code. Moreover, we have taken our own medicine and utilized our IO-Link LabVIEW Toolkit to build a set of IO-Link step types for TestStand.

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Try GPower IO-Link – It’s Free for 30 Days!

So, are you a LabVIEW or TestStand developer, you should really try GPower IO-Link! A universal driver for more than 30,000 IO-Link devices! For the first time, it’s plug ‘n’ play to access encoders, digital and analog IO, laser rangers, light towers, button presses and much more just by loading their IODD file in LabVIEW or TestStand.

Download free demos for GPower IO-Link!

LabVIEW og TestStand kursus

New Course Dates – May 2023! [LabVIEW and TestStand Basic]

Do you want to be trained by Denmark's leading LabVIEW and TestStand experts? We have just released new course dates for our Basic courses! We start with LabVIEW Basic on May 8-9 followed by TestStand Basic on May 10-11, 2023. See and register for our courses here!

LabVIEW Basic: 8-9 May, 2023

TestStand Basic: 10-11 May, 2023

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Do you want to know more about our courses? Please, visit our course page or contact our Key Account Manager, Morten Baltzer: / +45 49 40 13 11.

***Our courses are held at a conference hotel in or near Aarhus. The exact venue will be announced as soon as possible.

Statements from Our Customers

Heino Holm labview and teststand developer at GPower

GPower Welcomes Experienced Test Developer!

Today, we welcome Heino Holm, who has become part of our development team! Heino has, among other things, more than 20 years of experience with test automation, platform development, and validation. Skills that are relevant in relation to developing cutting-edge test and measurement systems for the industry!

At GPower, we welcome Heino Holm today. Heino is a trained electronics technician and has worked with test and automation for more than 20 years.

Heino has, among other things, extensive experience with platform development for both Stand-Alone and In-Line systems for electronics productions. Establishment of product testing on existing platforms and development of automated R&D testing for Embedded Software. In addition, he has great insight into and, not least, experience with troubleshooting and validation of new and existing products. All spot on in terms of our portfolio.

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In addition to many years of experience, Heino is also a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD). To become a Certified TestStand Developer (CTD), he just needs a recertification, which is part of our program.

Why GPower? A Statement from Heino

“I look forward to working with the development of software in a professional environment, where I will be challenged but also acquire new knowledge and development methods. That said, I am most of all looking forward to working with colleagues known for being some of the best in LabVIEW and TestStand” – Heino Holm.

At GPower, we warmly welcome Heino. We look forward to having you on board!

LabVIEW Course at GPower

LabVIEW Basic & Best Practices: 22-23 November, 2022

Would you like to be taught in LabVIEW by Denmark's leading experts? Then, it's time to register! ✅

LabVIEW Basic & Best Practices: 22-23 November, 2022

In collaboration with CN Rood, we organize a LabVIEW course at our Headquarters in Hinnerup near Aarhus.

It’s a two-day, exclusive course with a maximum of 10 participants. So, hurry up to save yourself a seat!

Price: 1399$ for each participant.

  • Introduction
    • What Is LabVIEW
    • Why Use LabVIEW
    • How to Install It
  • The LabVIEW Development Environment
    • The Virtual Instrument
    • Palettes
    • Quick Drop
    • Data Types
    • Collections Of Data Types
    • Controls, Indicators and Terminals
    • Function Nodes (LabVIEW Primitives)
    • LabVIEW Project Explore
  • Code Development In LabVIEW
    • Documentation
    • The Dataflow Paradigm
    • Structures
    • Data Manipulation
    • Synchronization
    • Files
    • Libraries and Name Spacing
  • Basic Error Handling
    • The Error Cluster
    • Propagation Of Errors
    • Merging Errors
    • Build Custom Errors
    • Display Errors
    • Log Errors
  • Debug And Test
    • Debug Tools
    • Analyzing and Profiling
    • Unit Testing
  • Design Patterns
    • Design Patterns
    • Advanced Design Patterns
    • Exercise: Implement Application
  • Building Application
    • Application Builder
    • Executable
    • Installer
    • Packed Project Library (PPL)
    • Source Distribution
    • NI Packages
    • Exercise: Build and Deploy an Application
  • Q&A Course Wrap-up

Why LabVIEW?

LabVIEW is a development environment for the graphical programming language G from NI (National Instruments). The programming language is strong when it is used for tasks that require test, measurement, and control.

An advantage of LabVIEW is that it visualizes every aspect of applications, including hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging. This visualization makes it more simple to integrate measurement hardware from any vendor, develop data analysis algorithms, and design custom engineering user interfaces.