From larger manufacturing companies to smaller development environments


From Smaller Projects to Overall Solutions

Are you going to make a smaller adjustment of your test system? Or is it rather time for you to have an analysis and assessment of a new automation system done?

At GPower, we are among the leading experts in Europe to build specialized measuring instruments, controllers, and signal generators for automation, simulation, and test projects.

  • Testing gives you the most correct and precise results
  • Wave manual processes goodbye by means of automation
  • Simulations make large, expensive, and un-developed projects possible
  • Affordable, high-quality instrumets on time

We Do Automation

When you exchange manual processes for automated ones, you will instantly achieve more stability, increased safety, and a higher level of efficiency. For instance, in terms of trackability, quality-improvement, safety-optimization or simply to decrease the number of manual tasks.

Not all processes are necessary to automate. But determining which ones are relevant and which ones are not can perhaps be difficult. When you get us to analyze your processes, we will be able to provide you with the answers.

Automatisering af processer med LabVIEW og TestStand
Test processer - LabVIEW
Test processer - LabVIEW

We Do Test

When we state that it is beneficial to test products and processes, we do so because testing makes it possible to discover errors and flaws as well as it gives the opportunities to develop more efficient processes and increase the quality of the products.

Whenever we test a product or a process, we do it economically. Instead of testing every possible function we only test those that are relevant to you. Which functions are most important to test, and which are not necessary? We constantly ask ourselves these kinds of questions when we asses and evaluate your products and processes in terms of creating a new test system or upgrading existing ones.

We Do Simulation

When we create simulators, which are electronic models of reality, we do it for both practical and financial reasons. Besides being expensive, impractical and time-consuming to test and develop functions in large machinery such as wind turbines and freight-ships, it can also prove to be more or less impossible if a product does not yet exist or is merely an idea at the moment.

Because our simulators do not require connection to actual hardware that means we can make your expensive and yet-to-be-developed projects a reality. As an example, we develop simulators to test the functions in airplanes. An otherwise dangerous and impractical test becomes possible through our simulators.

We Build Instruments

The cornerstone of our instruments is that we define the software ourselves thereby making them extremely flexible. That means we can quickly and easily adjust and modify the instruments and continuously customize them to your specific projects.

That may sound expensive and time-consuming – but that is not the case. In fact, you will save both time and money since we have made sure to build our instruments from trusted and solid building-blocks, so that we do not have to start from scratch whenever we take on a new project.

We do projects in various industries

Use Cases

Higher Quality

Based on a standardized, but at the same time modular system consisting of basic libraries and well-proven modules, we deliver high-quality solutions.

Lower Costs

In many cases, we provide software solutions that only consist of 20-30% new source code resulting in lower costs.

Shorter Development Time

By reusing elements from ‘Project A’ and ‘Project B’ in ‘Project C’, we shorten the development time and and improve our quality assurance compared to developing the software from scratch.

More Flexibility

As we define the software ourselves, it allows us to customize your instruments or systems easily and quickly, just as we can make customizations based on your needs – and on an ongoing basis.

Why GPower?

The Advantage of Modular Software

Moving away from traditional instrument and system solutions within test, measurement, and control.

NI Certifications & Recognitions
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The Best Certification Average in Denmark


At GPower, we are among the highest certified LabVIEW and TestStand teams in Europe. Both are software products from NI (National Instruments). Moreover, we are also the team with the highest NI certification average in Denmark.

At the same time, we are also the only team that represents developers who are all certified in both LabVIEW and TestStand. Certifications that are supported by no less than two LabVIEW Champions.

  • Certified LabVIEW Developers & Architects
  • Certified TestStand Developers & Architects
  • Certified Professional Instructor
  • LabVIEW Champions
What Our Customers Say
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An Elaboration of GPower's Project Concept

At GPower, we are moving away from traditional project solution regarding test, measurement, and control by using a robust software foundation consisting of our proprietary basic libraries and well-proven modules from previous projects.

As a result, we can provide projects that in many cases consist of only 20-30% new source code – an approach that typically results in higher quality, lower costs, shorter development time, and more flexibility.


Are You Using Software & Hardware from NI?

As Alliance Partner at NI, we are among the leading experts in Europe to solve software and hardware challenges for test, measurement, and control. The title is also supported by a strategic cooperation with NI. Here, we combine NI’s hardware with our proprietary software for the purpose of delivering affordable, high-quality instruments on time.

The combination of a partnership, a cooperation, and more than 20 years’ experience with software and hardware from NI have made us market leaders with regard to specialized solutions for collecting measurements, generating signals, and saving data sets.

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Automatisering af processer med LabVIEW og TestStand