Året der gik: En julehilsen fra GPower

A Year in Review: A Christmas Greeting from GPower

2018 has been an eventful year for GPower with many new employees, customers, and further development of own products and test concepts. However, we expect even more of 2019! In this blog post, our CEO will emphasize some of the highlights of 2018 followed by expectations for 2019.

In several areas, GPower has experienced great and positive changes during 2018. Broadly, we can go on a Christmas holiday with the conviction that we have followed our strategy and lived up to the expectations that we set for the year. Besides the fact that we, among other things, are getting more exciting test and measurement projects, our development department has also become more than twice as big as previously. As it appears now, we have built up a strong team of engineers and physicists that will be expanded by 2-3 men in the first quarter of 2019.

Hence, we can in parallel with our usual test and measurement projects also solve large-scale vision-oriented development projects. At the same time, we have made good progress with the further development of our software platform, high-quality instruments, and test concepts. These are all highlights that you will hear more about in 2019.

What Is the Overall Picture of 2018?

In general, we can see that the market has welcomed our vision. A vision that is based on the fact that the industry deserves and expects better and more affordable testing and measuring instruments. When we can say that for sure, the reason is that our primary growth in 2018 has been created in cooperation with existing customers who have been able to use our solutions for multiple projects.

In 2019, we are ready to be more structured in terms of introducing our solutions for new customers and markets which will be done in cooperation with our long-standing partner, National Instruments.

Finally, I would like to wish our business partners a merry Christmas. See you in 2019.

– Martin Boje, CEO at GPower.

Sidste omgang af GPowers bage-battle er skudt i gang!

The Final Round of GPower’s Baking Battle Has Just Begun!

Even though we are busy, there should always be room for fun and enjoyment! This is GPower’s philosophy! Lately, we have organized a cake competition that started as a cozy and an enjoyable project. However, before we knew it, the cozy project changed into a bigger baking battle! 😊

Why Did We Choose a Cake Competition?

It was the following statement: ”We’re not having cake quite often, aren’t we?” that started our cake competition at our headquarters in Hinnerup, Denmark. However, while the intention was to start a cozy and an enjoyable cake competition where the GPower colleagues could bring a home-made dream or chocolate cake, the cozy part was quickly changed into a real baking battle!

Have You Gone Too Far to Win...?

Despite the fact that it was our CEO that launched the project, he was – as the only person – disqualified from the competition. In addition to the fact that the cake was too good compared to his kitchen skills, he could neither answer whether he had added yeast in the cake or not which made the decision about disqualification a bit easier.

This decision meant also that the competitor and competitive person, Jesper (see the picture below), could breathe a sigh of relief, as he won the victory as well as the bragging rights.

The Final Baking Battle Takes Place Today

After a couple of months devoted to a cake competition, Steen and Jens Christian will complete the baking battle today. For now, we are not acquainted with the winner of today’s competition but owing to our development department, an anonymous poll has just been sent!

16 Xeon Kerner for Embedded Real Time [PXI Controllers]

16 Xeon Cores for Embedded Real Time [PXI Controllers]

Just another day at the GPower offices. A couple of National Instruments’ fastest PXI controllers have just arrived at our office this morning! NDAs prevents us from telling exactly what it is for unfortunately. That said, we can tell you that it is awesome as always working here at GPower!

A Couple of National Instruments’ Fastest PXI Controllers Have Just Arrived at Our Office This Morning!

Just another day at the GPower offices. LabVIEW Real Time running on Intel Xeon equipped PXI controllers: 16 Xeon cores / 32 threads. Add a couple of big Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGAs and some infrared 26 mega-pixel cameras. Hence, we have a potent system for one of our customer projects.

See an Extract of Hardware from National Instruments 

What Are We Using These PXI Controllers for?

Unfortunately, NDAs prevents us from telling exactly what the controllers are for. However, the project is about measurements regarding some of the biggest machines that we are capable of building today. A task that – once again – pushes our physicists and engineers into a situation where it is really fun to be! Care to join us?

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