GPower tager hul på kurser og certificeringer! [TestStand]

GPower Starts Offering Courses and Certifications! [TestStand]

Previously, we could disclose that National Instruments (NI) has chosen us to offer courses and certification exams for LabVIEW and TestStand. A new chapter, we have started in earnest this week when offering an extended TestStand course that can be finished with a Certified TestStand Developer (CTD) Certification for those who are not already certified.

A Three-day TestStand Course for GPower’s Developers

“Developing Test Programs Using TestStand”. This is the title of the course that our Certified Professional Instructor, Jens Christian Andersen, has presided over the past three days. As a result of the course, our developers have acquired an even stronger underlying basis in order to develop advanced test concepts with TestStand in interaction with LabVIEW. An underlying basis, we need to a greater extent in future, as we see an increasing demand for this type of projects. 

However, as we solve lots of different projects regarding test, measurement, and control, a great diversity among our employees in relation to theoretical background and practical experience is a determining factor for us. So, regardless of whether you had little or lots of experience with TestStand in theory before the course, the course has resulted in a common skill set that leads to even stronger and safer, high-quality solutions.

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From TestStand Course to CTD Certification

At the end of the course, the developers, who are not already certified, will have the opportunity to take a CTD certification. This certification can subsequently be supplemented with a CTA (Certified TestStand Architect) Certification as appears from the illustration.

At present, we have not set up future dates for certification exams, but we will keep you up to date on LinkedIn, so you will have the opportunity to participate next time we are holding NI’s certification exams.

To stærke profiler bliver en del af GPower-teamet!

Two Strong Profiles Become Part of the GPower Team!

From February 1, 2019, our development department will once again be expanded! And this time, the expansion is not only made of one but two strong profiles consisting of the engineer, Mads Grunnet Askholt (left), and the physicist, Poul Lindholm Pedersen (right), which all of us look forward to!

The Recruitment Strategy

Getting a team of developers with a wide range of skills, expertise, and insights has been our recruitment strategy, as we have experienced that this kind of diversity results in a strong skill set and a strong team dynamic. Parameters that are essential for maintaining our position as leading experts in Europe in terms of building specialized measuring instruments, controllers, and signal generators for automation, simulation, and test projects.

Hence, today’s team consists of very different profiles in relation to factors such as education, skill set, and experience which the hiring of Mads and Poul also helps to support.

Why GPower?

In continuation of the strategy, a crucial question is, however, why Mads and Poul would like to be part of GPower which they explain below:

“I chose to become part of GPower to become part of a knowledge-intensive development team and a growing company. Here, I expect being able to use my qualifications, acquire new skills, and get new challenges in exciting projects – and not least nerding out even more 😊” – Mads Grunnet Askholt.

“I have always been interested in hardware and instrumentation. In my professional work, I have also been interested in innovation and the use of technology in the industry. Therefore, it was obvious for me to apply for being part of GPower owing to their mission about spreading advanced instrumentation to the industry” – Poul Lindholm Pedersen. 

Mads Grunnet Askholt

Mads is an engineer from Aarhus University, and comes from a position at Grundfos where he has worked as a Senior Engineer in their electronic test department. Furthermore, he has been a LabVIEW developer at Mita-Teknik and a technician at Danmon Systems Groups.

Poul Lindholm Pedersen

Poul is a trained physicist, and he has, among other things, a Master of Science (MSc) in Nanotechnology and a Ph.D. from Aarhus University. In recent years, he has been a consultant at Teknologisk Institut. Here, he has worked with new technologies for the oil industry among others.