Nu med yderligere to TestStand-arkitekter

Two More “STRONG” TestStand Architects

A week ago, we celebrated that we have become two more TestStand Architects at GPower. Congratulations to Mads Grunnet Askholt and Jeppe Lohse, who have now received the highest TestStand certification. PSST! Yes, we have our own fitness facilities 😊

GPower Is the Highest Certified in Denmark

In addition to be the company in Denmark with the greatest number of TestStand certifications, we are also the company in Denmark with the greatest number of Certified TestStand Architects – the final step in the two-part TestStand certification process. But what does that actually mean for you?

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This means, among other things, that we have the skills to develop the most advanced test systems. Skills that might be relevant if you for instance need a system for data logging in a development department or a system for quality assurance of processes in a manufacturing company.

Two-part TestStand Certification Process

In order to become a Certified TestStand Architect (CTA), you must first be a Certified TestStand Developer (CTD), which you can read more about here.

At GPower, we have a total of 21 certifications, including five CTDs and four CTAs.

Erfaren LabVIEW-udvikler bliver en del af GPower-teamet

An Experienced LabVIEW Developer Becomes Part of the GPower Team

From September 1, 2019, the experienced LabVIEW developer, Danny Halskov Birkmose, will also be part of our development department! The reason is, among other things, that the number of development projects for test and measurement are continuing to increase.

A New Developer with Experience in Test and Simulation

At GPower, we are once again scaling up the development department, when Danny Halskov Birkmose from September 1, 2019 also becomes part of our team.

Danny is a trained physicist from Aarhus University. For the past four years, he has been a LabVIEW developer at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S in their Software Test Environment. Here, he has worked with hardware-in-the-loop simulations in and around wind turbines and designed complex test systems.

Why GPower?

A crucial question for this post is, moreover, why Danny would like to be part of GPower, which he explains here:

“I see GPower as a very competent team that delivers high-quality solutions for test, measurement, and simulation. It seems to be a workplace with a really good atmosphere and with the opportunity to develop by further education and exciting projects. In addition, I also see the annual skiing trip as an excellent tradition 😊” – Danny Halskov Birkmose.

At GPower, we look forward to welcoming yet another strong and highly experienced developer!