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GPower Expression Parser

A LabVIEW toolset for calculating numeric values

GPower Expression Parser
GPower Expression Parser

What Is Expression Parser?


GPower Expression Parser is a LabVIEW-toolset that we have developed with the purpose of calculating numeric values on the basis of mathematical text strings in place of static function blocks.

Besides our Expression Parser supports more than 260 functions and mathematical constants, it also calculates values in any one of LabVIEW’s 14 numeric data types. Want to know more about the toolset’s functionality and price?



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Trial Version

Download LabVIEW package
Free for 30 days
  • More than 260 functions
  • Full trial version for 30 dage

Developer License

Activate your LabVIEW package after 30 days
kr 6.995 one-time payment
  • One-time payment per computer*
  • Free in own applications*


How to install and activate Expression Parser
Manual pdf files
  • Get started step-by-step


A user guide on how to use Expression Parser
Manual pdf files
  • Get to know Expression Parser

Buy Expression Parser

Submit a form when purchasing GPower Expression Parser and we will send an activation code.
*Expression Parser is only covered by one developer license. One license enables Expression Parser in the LabVIEW development environment on one computer. Hence, it can be used by all developers on that specific computer. Note that each development environment requires its own Expression Parser license, which includes automated building systems such as CI. Simultaneously, the developer license provides access to support and free updates to the purchased version of Expression Parser.
*There are no runtime costs associated with Expression Parser. If you build Expression Parser into your applications, you will need to distribute these applications in all the instances you want. No additional licenses are required.



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