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Former Positions

System Developer for Test and Measurement

Senior System Developer for Test and Measurement with a Flair for Project Management

LabVIEW Champion

A characteristic of our development department is that all developers are LabVIEW and TestStand certified. Certifications that are supported by no less than three LabVIEW Champions.


GPower As a Workplace

As part of GPower, you are part of an innovative environment where professional qualifications and diversity have a great influence in relation to education, skills, and experience.

At the same time, you are also part of a culture whose mission is to put an end to expensive instruments and endless projects with the aim of spreading advanced instrumentation to the industry.


What Can You Expect?

Besides the fact that we are a company with room for differences, we are also convinced that a working day must be fun, educational, and inspiring.

Moreover, we arrange social and professional events at home and abroad, just as we also ensure that benefits such as lunch and pension scheme, health insurance, fitness facilities, and further training are top notch.

Hvad er LabVIEW?

What Is LabVIEW?

LabVIEW is a programming language that is strong when it is used for tasks that require test, measurement, and control. An advantage of LabVIEW is that it visualizes every aspect of applications, including hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging.


This visualization makes it more simple to integrate measurement hardware from any vendor, develop data analysis algorithms, and design user interfaces.

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TestStand Simple Batch Execution.2

What Is TestStand?

TestStand is a framework for test management where the execution of a test is an important function, but just one of many functions that TestStand provides. By means of TestStand, you can, among other things, develop automated test and validation systems.
Furthermore, you can also extend the functionality of your system by developing test sequences that integrate code modules written in any programming language.
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