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GPower UV Verification

Measuring and Verification Systems for UV Products

GPower UV Verification
GPower UV Verification

Measurement and Verification [UV Products]

At GPower, we offer test and measuring instruments for UV radiation products. Our test equipment can, among other things, be used to measure whether your solution delivers the correct dose for disinfecting surfaces or items. Moreover, the system enables you to develop, optimize, or maintain your UV products based on your customers’ specifications.

Products and Services


Measuring and Verification Systems

We offer e.g.:
  • Instruments for measuring UV radiation (UV dose, irradiance, light source intensity, etc.)
  • A​ complete UV validation system adapted to your product

Systems for everything from large-scale production environments to smaller test and development departments.

Radiometriske beregninger og simuleringer

Radiometric simulations

Do You Need Assistance in terms of:
  • Product design​?
  • Dimensioning and selection of light source(s)?
  • Product optimization?

Call or write us. We can assist you with product development, including calculations and simulations, among others.

Examples of UV Products

Scenarios could be disinfection of operating rooms, machines, or tools.

Mål og test UVC
Mål og test UVC
Mål og test UVC
Mål og test UVC



UV Radiation

UVC - intensitet, irradians og dosis


Angular distribution of radiation from source - can be measured with a line scanner or detector system

Check and verify the radiation pattern from:

  • Multiple sources, e.g. LEDs: Do they work?​
  • Disinfection: Do you irradiate corners, edges and nooks sufficiently?
  • Component testing: Does the light source emit the expected radiation pattern?
  • R&D?: Is the radiation pattern sufficiently uniform on a subject?
UVC - intensitet, irradians og dosis

Irradians and Dose

Irradiation on surfaces - can be measured with one or more dosimeters

If you are going to:​

  • Meet disinfection requirements
  • Check maximum and minimum irradiance
  • Can be connected to a data collection system, and merged and timed with other data
  • Disinfection: Sharp testing of your system, both in the laboratory and in the field. Can be used for development and routine control
Testsystem til LED-baseret desinficeringsløsning i lufthavne

A Test System for LED-based Disinfection Solution at Airports

Testsystem til LED-baseret desinficeringsløsning i lufthavne

”We need to test the UVC LEDs in our light tunnel to ensure the correct irradiance for disinfecting security trays”. 

That was the request when a customer contacted us regarding a new test disinfection solution for airports. A request that has become more relevant now than ever before in terms of disinfecting and containing the corona virus to normalize everyday life and, in this case, increase safety of security checks at airports.


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