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Who is part of the team?

The Team

Gabriel Avenia

Software Engineer - Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics

Jeppe Langeland

Systems Engineer - PhD in Physics

Kasper Friang Larsen

Systems Engineer - B.Sc.Eng. Electronics

Heino Holm

Systems Engineer - Electronic Engineer

Danny Halskov Birkmose

Systems Engineer - M.Sc. Physics

Jeppe Lohse

Systems Engineer - M.Sc.Eng. Photonics

Aske Rolighed Thorsen

Systems Engineer - M.Sc. Physics

Jesper Kjær Sørensen

Systems Engineer - M.Sc.Eng. EMSD

Marck Holm Hansen

Tech Lead - B.Sc.Eng. Electronics

Kåre Juul Kirkegaard

Tech Lead - B.Sc.Eng. Electronics

Jens Christian Andersen

Senior Specialist - B.Sc.Eng. Electronics

Mads Grunnet Askholt

Head of Engineering - B.Sc.Eng. Electronics

Gabrielle Bro Øe Svendsen

Communications Officer

Morten Baltzer

Key Account Manager - B.Sc.Eng Mechanical Engineering

Steen Secher Schmidt


Martin Boje


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