Brug for fjernsupport? [GPower TeamViewer Support]

Do You Need Remote Support? [GPower TeamViewer Support]

At GPower, we have been using remote support for a long time. However, because of COVID-19, the demand is bigger than ever before – both from new and existing customers!

Do you need remote support to solve a current challenge, or do you need our advice on a new project without us having to be physically present?

Based on TeamViewer, we offer secure remote support as part of our consulting services. GPower TeamViewer support gives us the opportunity to offer immediate support if you experience technical errors and system crashes, among others. In addition, it also enables us to gain insights into new queries, as we can easily and quickly log in to the customer’s systems.

A Testimonial [DPA Microphones]

“I contacted GPower due to errors on our existing TestStand sequences after converting our test system from LabVIEW 2014 and TestStand 2014 to, respectively, LabVIEW 2018 and TestStand 2017.

By using Remote Support, GPower could easily and quickly help us solve the problem by connecting to our production machines. After fixing the errors, they also helped us with the subsequent conversion process. We clearly recommend GPower to others who need LabVIEW or TestStand experts here and now, but also in the long run” – Jimmy Ørsted, DPA Microphones.

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Fields and Skills

    • Test & Measurement
    • Automation & Simulation
    • Calibration & Machine Vision
    • Instrumentation & Sensors
    • Timing & Synchronization
    • LabVIEW
    • TestStand
    • InsightCM
    • SystemLink
    • NI Hardware