GPower Samsøvej 31

New Facilities Are the Foundation of GPower’s Further Growth

By relocating ourselves a bit up Samsøvej in Hinnerup, Denmark, GPower has found the perfect surroundings to suit our current growth and the future ambitions of expansion while securing the best possible working-environment for present and future employees.

Although we have not moved that great of a distance it makes a world of difference. In the beginning of December we relocated from Samsøvej 21 to Samsøvej 31 because we found the most ideal surroundings for our growth and the direction we are moving in as a company. With more space and a free and professional environment, the future of GPower takes an exciting step forward.

As founder and CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, describes it: “This is the first station in the next step of the journey GPower has started. These new facilities will become the foundation of our further growth.”

GPower is in the process of growth and we have our sights set on the global markets with our tailored and customized solutions in terms of instruments, simulation, automation and testing. Therefore, it is essential to have the right surroundings and facilities to ensure that we fulfill our ambitions.

”We are currently rethinking our approach to the market via a new business-strategy: At GPower, we provide affordable, high-quality instruments for automation, simulation, and test. In line with this strategy, it is beneficial for us – and indeed our clients – that our developers now will work more in-house which these new facilities make possible. On a side note, it does not hurt that the facilities are fantastic which motivates and nurtures the knowledge-sharing that we aim to achieve,” CEO, Martin Boje, says.

With our developers working more in-house, the possibility for this experience and knowledge-sharing regarding our approach to the projects we work on, is greatly increased. Additionally, it is in direct correlation with our ambition to develop an “in-house schooling” for our new developers where they can be trained in the field of expertise – especially regarding LabVIEW and TestStand – that GPower has built over the last 20 years.

A Sense of Home Regardless of Growth

This move means more space for both our hardworking minds and our hardware. The storage capacity is greatly increased and since we are working on adding even more skill-full and qualified staff, it is key that we have the right facilities and the right atmosphere.

”We have chosen this new location because it contains a warmth perfectly aligned with our company’s atmosphere of being a family. We want to maintain this atmosphere no matter how much our staff will increase. As a bonus, I have a clear view to a vacant office across the hall if that should become necessary,” says Martin Boje.