GPower deltager i Nordic Test Forum 2018 [Konference]

GPower Attends Nordic Test Forum 2018 [Conference]

Over the next couple of days, engineers, technicians, and decision makers from the Nordic countries will meet in Snekkersten, Denmark. This is due to the annual conference Nordic Test Forum (NTF). At the conference, the latest technologies, tools, and instruments in the fields of production, test, inspection, and validation of electronics will be in focus.

What Kind of Program Can We Expect?

When the annual conference NTF takes place on 27-28 May 2018, there will, among other things, be a panel debate under the headline: “Robotics in Testing vs. Traditional Automation?”. Furthermore, there will be a workshop about Industrial Internet of Things just as several technical sessions about test and automation also will be a part of the program. In short, it is all sessions that we look forward to learning more about given that we have lots of ongoing test and automation projects for now and in the pipeline.

With regard to the program, our LabVIEW and TestStand expert, Jens Christian Andersen, looks forward to hearing more about the use of robots in testing. That said, he also looks forward to discussing the latest technologies with other professionals and specialists from Scandinavia.

What Is Nordic Test Forum (NTF)?

The objective of NTF is to facilitate a forum where test engineers and other professionals from the Nordic countries may exchange experiences, ideas, and other knowledge with relevance to the technological field of test. Presently, the main field of interest for NTF is production test of printed circuit boards and systems.

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Få kvalitets-controllere til helt andre priser end tidligere! [CompactRIO]

Get High-quality Controllers at Affordable Prices! [CompactRIO]

Previously, a high-quality controller has rapidly reached 30-40,000 Danish kroner. However, this tendency does not have to be the case anymore as National Instruments has released a new series of cRIO models at completely different prices than previously seen – prices that make it easier to start new projects and complete existing ones.

Get High-quality Controllers for Half Price!

Can your project be realized by means of one ethernet port instead of two and a more affordable FPGA? If you are interested in getting high-quality controllers for half price, which the new cRIO models enable, you are to ask yourself such questions!

GPower Is Provider of Hardware from National Instruments 

By using cRIO-9056 as an example: With the exception of the number of ethernet ports and another FPGA, the model has the exact same functionality as cRIO-9035. However, while the price of cRIO-9035 is 26,680 Danish kroner, the price of cRIO-9056 is only 14,010 Danish kroner.

In other words, with a few compromises you can get the exact same controller but about half the price. In addition, you will moreover get a controller that supports the use of NI-DAQmx directly from c modules without using FPGA which is not the case with regard to the more expensive model.

Get an overview of cRIO Controllers here

Start New Projects and Complete Existing Ones

Previously, many clients have avoided to start projects because even the hardware price has seemed infeasible and frightening. However, we believe that news like this can help to change this tendency. So, it will become easier and more manageable to start new projects as well as replace old hardware in existing systems in order to optimize and secure processes.

How Can We Assist You?

At GPower, we combine National Instruments’ hardware with our proprietary software when we are developing solutions for collecting measurements, generating signals, and saving data sets.

We do projects in various industries. Get an overview

Furthermore, we also assess what kind of solution that will be best for your project. And while we are on the subject of cRIO models, we often see that it can be enough having a controller to measure temperature and synchronize devices while the size of RAM and memory can have less importance. When it is important for you to do such assessments, it is due to the fact that it can have a great influence in relation to the hardware price. 

Vil du være en bedre LabVIEW-udvikler? [Download gratis prøveversioner]

Want to Become a Better LabVIEW Developer? [Download Free Trial Versions]

Do you want to become a better LabVIEW developer and develop programs in high quality and with high performance? Here, you can among other things download free guides and trial versions of our Expression Parser.

GPower Expression Parser

GPower Expression Parser is a LabVIEW-toolset that we have developed with the purpose of calculating numeric values on the basis of mathematical text strings in place of static function blocks.

Besides our Expression Parser supports more than 260 functions and mathematical constants, it also calculates values in any one of LabVIEW’s 14 numeric data types. Read more about the toolset’s functionality and price here.

Download Guides and Full Trial Versions

GPower Toolsets

GPower Toolsets consist of 11 free tool palettes for LabVIEW with more than 1000 customised GPower VIs. Our tool palette gives the LabVIEW programmer a number of unique functions that extend LabVIEW in key areas.  

Do you want to become a better LabVIEW developer and develop programs in high quality and with high performance? Then click on the link below and download our toolsets for error handling, math, and timing among others.

Download Our Tollsets