NI Connect München 2022 [GPower]

NI Connect Munich 2022 [GPower]

Test systems, test functions, and data analysis were among the themes of this year's NI (National Instruments) Connect in Munich. The meeting place for NI partners, customers, and engineers, where strategy, technical sessions, and networking are paramount. In addition to being updated on the latest technologies, we learned also how to utilize synergies to an even greater extent than we already do today.

What Is NI Connect?

NI Connect is NI’s annual event series where engineers and industry leaders from around the world come together to explore the latest in test and data analytics as well as innovative products and approaches that drive businesses forward. This premier, in-person event also provides opportunities for attendees to reconnect with peers and share ideas that help one another engineer ambitiously.

From National Instruments to NI

NI has gone through a major transformation in recent years, which has also had an impact on the partner programme. At GPower, we are positive about the transformation and we are having high expectations for the future collaboration:

“At GPower, we only see “the green NI” as a positive change. While it has been difficult for specialists like us to make full use of the partner program previously, the new categorization will make it much easier for us to be “found” in the database. A positive change for NI partners, but in particular for the customers, as they will be able to find the right partner faster and easier, which is crucial in relation to getting future-proof test and measurement systems”, says Morten Baltzer, Key Account Manager at GPower.

Watch NI Connect Munich 2022 – Keynote

When and Where Is Next NI Connect?

NI Connect will be held May 23-24, 2023 in Austin, Texas.

Who Attends NI Connect?

Engineers at all levels can benefit from the conference’s keynotes and sessions. Business decision makers, solutions architects, developers, engineers, and aspiring engineers are all welcome.

Is NIWeek now Known as NI Connect?

NIWeek was NI’s long-standing annual conference held in Austin for more than 25 years. NI Connect builds on the best of what NIWeek had to offer while marking a new direction for future NI events as a whole. 

WUELUG14 Code Quality & Design for Reuse Steen-Schmidt

WUELUG14: Code Quality & Design for Reuse – Steen Secher Schmidt

Did you miss WUELUG14 (Thursday, 28. October), including the presentation “Code Quality & Design for Reuse” by our founder and CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt? If so, you can now watch the presentation in this post.

The topic for the 14th meeting of the WUELUG on October 28, 2021, was “Dependencies and Packages”. Here, the presenters talked about different strategies of managing dependencies and tools like VIPM and NI Package Manager.

Clean, Efficient, and Reusable LabVIEW code

Do you want to know more about clean, efficient, and reusable NI (National Instruments) LabVIEW code? Then watch the presentation below by our founder and CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, who was among the three profiles to present at WUELUG14:

Agenda of the Day:

    • 5:00 – 5:10: Introduction
    • 5:10 – 5:30: Keeping dependencies inside your project repository (Joerg Hampel)
    • 5:30 – 6:00: Package Management using Conan (Stefan Lemmens)
    • 6:00 – 7:00: Code Quality and Design for Reuse (Steen Schmidt)


One way of giving back to a community is making the effort of bringing people together, helping them meet new friends and connect to each other. That’s why, together with NI, we’re starting up the LabVIEW User Group Wuerzburg (short: WUELUG)!

Read more about WUELUG

Mød GPower til [Re]Connect

Do You Miss NIDays? Meet GPower at [Re]Connect in Copenhagen

While NI (National Instruments) has previously been the organizer of the annual NIDays in various parts of the world, this event has now been replaced by [Re]Connect. A test and measurement conference organized by NI and CNRood Technologies. Read more about time, place, and registration in this post.

Are you an engineer, scientist, or manager, and do you want to hear more about the latest testing and measurement technologies, including topics such as test strategy, LabVIEW, and PXI? Then join [Re]Connect and experience exciting keynotes and partner sessions. Among others, our CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, will give a presentation entitled: “Modular Software: The Secret behind Low Cost and High Value”.

Just as NIDays, there will be networking opportunities throughout the event in the exhibition area, where NI Alliance Partners will have a stand.

See participating NI Alliance Partners here

Where and when?

[Re]Connect will take place on October 7, 2021, in Copenhagen, Scandic Kødbyen from 8.30 am:

    • 8:30 Doors open. Enjoy a coffee, water or tea
    • 9:30 Keynote “Building State of the Art Test and Measurement Systems” by CNRood
    • 10:00 Keynote “NI and the new partner channel network” by NI
    • 10:30 Break, enjoy a coffee, water or tea
    • 11:00 “What’s New in Software, including LabVIEW 2021” by NI
    • 11:45 “What’s New in Hardware, including PXI” by NI
    • 12:30 Buffet Lunch
    • 13:30 Partner Session(s) >> Download the full agenda
    • 15:00 Break, enjoy a coffee, water or tea
    • 15:30 Partner Session(s) continued
    • 16:30 Closing Presentation (raffle with a gift, a MyDAQ)

Free Registration

Want to learn more about the latest testing and measurement technologies and talk to us NI partners? Sign up for free by clicking on this link.

NIWeek 2019 er skudt i gang!

NIWeek 2019 Is Now On!

NIWeek, which is a four days test, design, and development conference, is now on in Austin! As one of the leading and most specialized LabVIEW companies in Northern Europe, we are, of course, represented by technical and commercial employees at NIWeek 2019!

An Annual Update and a Strategic Overview

As NI Alliance Partner and provider of NI software and hardware, it is crucial for us being up to date on the latest technologies, including LabVIEW, instrumentation, and test concepts, given that we are among the leading experts in Scandinavia in these areas. This is for instance the case when building specialized measuring instruments, controllers, and signal generators for automation, simulation, and test projects.

We do projects in various industries

Furthermore, it is also important for us being up to date in relation to NI’s strategic plans and business perspectives. This is, among other things, because of our partnership and strategic cooperation with NI, where we connect NI’s hardware with our proprietary software for the purpose of providing Affordable, High-quality Instruments on Time.

What Is NIWeek?

This year, NI is hosting its 25th annual worldwide user conference, NIWeek, in Austin, Texas. A technical conference that contains more than 200 technical sessions, countless panel debates, and networking events regarding test, measurement, and control. NIWeek is, moreover, the place to be, if you are interested in networking and discussing state-of-the-art technology with some of the world’s best engineers and researchers.

That said, NIWeek is also the annual opportunity for us meeting face-to-face with several of our customers, business partners, and NI contacts.

See the agenda for NIWeek 2019

Let Us Set Up a Meeting!

Are you also attending this year’s NIWeek from May 20-23, 2019? Write or call us, so we can arrange a meeting.

Alliance Day 2019 [National Instruments]

Alliance Day 2019 [National Instruments]

Over the next few days, our CTO and CEO attend National Instruments' (NI) Northern European Alliance Day. They look, among other things, forward to hearing more about NI's strategies for 2019 in relation to the partner program.

From Focus Comes Growth

When the Northern European Alliance Day takes place on 6-7 March 2019 in Amsterdam, it is held under the headline “From focus comes growth”. In this connection, there will, among other things, be technical as well as business-oriented presentations, which is why our CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, and CEO, Martin Boje, attend NI’s annual event for partners in Northern Europe.

Alliance Day 2019: See the Agenda

The Headline of the Program Can Be Linked to GPower

The headline “From focus comes growth” can moreover be linked to GPower’s growth. A growth that, among other things, occurs because of a long-standing focus on developing a strong software-foundation with the ability to reuse and customize software elements from previous projects. Based on this focus, we have more than doubled our staff and customer portfolio over the past 18 months.

Read the Story of GPower

Strategy, Technology, and Networking

As NI Alliance Partner, we look forward to hearing more about NI’s strategies for 2019, just as we also look forward to networking and hearing more about state-of-the-art technology.

Read More about Alliance Day 2019

GPower deltager i Nordic Test Forum 2018 [Konference]

GPower Attends Nordic Test Forum 2018 [Conference]

Over the next couple of days, engineers, technicians, and decision makers from the Nordic countries will meet in Snekkersten, Denmark. This is due to the annual conference Nordic Test Forum (NTF). At the conference, the latest technologies, tools, and instruments in the fields of production, test, inspection, and validation of electronics will be in focus.

What Kind of Program Can We Expect?

When the annual conference NTF takes place on 27-28 May 2018, there will, among other things, be a panel debate under the headline: “Robotics in Testing vs. Traditional Automation?”. Furthermore, there will be a workshop about Industrial Internet of Things just as several technical sessions about test and automation also will be a part of the program. In short, it is all sessions that we look forward to learning more about given that we have lots of ongoing test and automation projects for now and in the pipeline.

With regard to the program, our LabVIEW and TestStand expert, Jens Christian Andersen, looks forward to hearing more about the use of robots in testing. That said, he also looks forward to discussing the latest technologies with other professionals and specialists from Scandinavia.

What Is Nordic Test Forum (NTF)?

The objective of NTF is to facilitate a forum where test engineers and other professionals from the Nordic countries may exchange experiences, ideas, and other knowledge with relevance to the technological field of test. Presently, the main field of interest for NTF is production test of printed circuit boards and systems.

Read More about NTF

Steen Secher Schmidt - GDevCon

GDevCon: The New Graphical Developer Conference [LabVIEW]

Over the next two days, our founder and CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, attends “The New Graphical Developer Conference” – an international conference for LabVIEW developers.

GDevCon – The New Graphical Developer Conference

When the international LabVIEW conference takes place on 4-5 September 2018 in Cambridge, LabVIEW programmers from all over the world will meet in order to hear more about the graphical programming language, LabVIEW that acts as one of our primary tools.

The New Graphical Developer Conference

Besides presentations under headlines such as: ”Learning To Love Dev Ops” and ”The Actor Framework Project Provider: A Case Study on VI Scripting” will occur both days, there will also be plenty of time to share personal experiences and network with LabVIEW experts. 

See the agenda for GDevCon 2018

Our founder and CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, looks forward to hearing more about other programmers’ everyday challenges with LabVIEW among others.

En opdatering fra Austin! [NIWeek 2018]

An Update from Austin! [NIWeek 2018]

We have just received an update from Austin from our CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, and CEO, Martin Boje, who attend this year's NIWeek.

Why Go to NIWeek?

In addition to the fact that Steen and Martin attend NIWeek in Austin to meet a lot of collaborators and professionals, they also attend NIWeek in order to learn more about the latest technologies and strategies at National Instruments (NI) – and with good reason as these expectations have been fulfilled!

A Strategic Cooperation with NI

Besides a lot of knowledge, experiences and inspiration, the last message from Austin was not least a lot of motivation. Martin and Steen have been confirmed by the fact that our product range, which we are launching soon, is consistent with also NI’s future strategies and product development to an even greater extent than expected.

Now, both of them look forward to getting home and rolling out our product range on the website – a new product range where we merge NI’s hardware with our proprietary software.

An Update Next Week

Given that the above-mentioned update is just an overall impression of this week’s many experiences, we will make a more detailed blog post about NIWeek next week when Martin and Steen are back at the office. Meanwhile, follow us on LinkedIn.

NI Alliance Day 2018 i Amsterdam

Alliance Day 2018 in Amsterdam

Partnership, technology, and strategy are among the overall topics that we will learn more about when we attend the Northern European Alliance Day 2018 in Amsterdam tomorrow.

“We will explain new technology, features and application areas and take a glimpse on what is in the pipeline and to be released soon.” This is a small part of tomorrow’s agenda published by National Instruments. An agenda we look forward to learning more about in GPower:

”As Alliance Partner we obviously look forward to hearing about National Instruments’ strategic plans. That said, we are not at least looking forward to be updated on new technologies that we hopefully can make use of in our future projects with modular software and hardware,” says Martin Boje, CEO, GPower.

Read more about the Northern European Alliance Day 2018

What Is the Alliance Partner Network?

The Alliance Partner Network is a program of more than 1000 independent, third-party companies worldwide that cooperate with National Instruments for delivering complete solutions and high-quality products based on NI software and hardware platforms. You can read more about the Alliance Partner Network here.

NIDays Steen Schmidt

CompactRIO – Adjusting Instruments

“Building High Precision Instruments with CompactRIO”. That was the headline for one of the presentations at NIDays, and it was given by our founder and CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt. In his presentation he shared with the audience his expertise in terms of what it means to build instruments using CompactRIO.

Brief Summary of the Presentation

Did you miss out on Steen’s presentation at NIDays in Copenhagen? Here we have some bullet-points from the presentation:

    • What makes an instrument user-defined?
    • How do we make sure that user-defined instruments can be maintained and developed futher with minimal risk and effort?
    • What are the most common mistakes in these types of projects, and how do we avoid them?
    • Do user-defined instruments always equal successful projects?
    • Why do we use GPower Actor Framework instead of NI Actor Framework?
    • How do we combine CompactRIO and LabVIEW?

Why CompactRIO?

When we use CompactRIO we do so with the aim to improve advanced control- and monitoring systems regarding everything from sensors and cameras to motors and actuators. Furthermore, we use CompactRIO to simplify complex applications when we assemble a number of sub-systems into one whole system where multiple different components is connected directly to the instrument.

GPower Is Provider of Hardware from National Instruments 

We are able to do so especially because we define the instrument’s software ourselves. Because of that, we can adjust the instruments as we see fit – even after implementation.