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CompactRIO – Adjusting Instruments

“Building High Precision Instruments with CompactRIO”. That was the headline for one of the presentations at NIDays, and it was given by our founder and CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt. In his presentation he shared with the audience his expertise in terms of what it means to build instruments using CompactRIO.

Brief Summary of the Presentation

Did you miss out on Steen’s presentation at NIDays in Copenhagen? Here we have some bullet-points from the presentation:

    • What makes an instrument user-defined?
    • How do we make sure that user-defined instruments can be maintained and developed futher with minimal risk and effort?
    • What are the most common mistakes in these types of projects, and how do we avoid them?
    • Do user-defined instruments always equal successful projects?
    • Why do we use GPower Actor Framework instead of NI Actor Framework?
    • How do we combine CompactRIO and LabVIEW?

Why CompactRIO?

When we use CompactRIO we do so with the aim to improve advanced control- and monitoring systems regarding everything from sensors and cameras to motors and actuators. Furthermore, we use CompactRIO to simplify complex applications when we assemble a number of sub-systems into one whole system where multiple different components is connected directly to the instrument.

GPower Is Provider of Hardware from National Instruments 

We are able to do so especially because we define the instrument’s software ourselves. Because of that, we can adjust the instruments as we see fit – even after implementation.

Martin Boje og Steen Schmidt i Aktuel Elektronik

Elektronikfokus: GPower in a New Setup [Article]

During the technology and industry conference we attended in Herning, we met with Rolf Sylvester-Hvid from the Danish magazine, Elektronikfokus. Here, you will find a translation of the article that came from it.

Danish Company GPower Planning a Global Expansion

With four or five job-openings the company based in Hinnerup, GPower’s, growth has entered the fast-track. At the moment, the company has around eight employees, but with their future employment of more designers and developers in line with GPower’s core-skills they aim to grow from a status as a start-up company to lead the market within their field – and seizing the opportunities that present themselves in the global market.

Therefore, GPower’s founder, Steen Schmidt, made the smart move to transfer himself to the role of CTO, Chief Technology Officer, and to leave the commercial steering wheel to Martin Boje who, as CEO, will carry the responsibility to further grow and build up the company. Steen Schmidt needed a partner, and with Martin Boje’s past in sales and development of iPaper and as CEO of Den Blå Avis he found a partnership that combines the technical and financial aspects of the business. A combination that for several years have been a formula for success for a lot of tech-based companies.

GPower’s solutions have been and will continue to be specialized solutions for tests and monitoring, simulations, instrumentation, and visualization directed towards the green-energy sector. As opposed to the customer-specific solutions it is GPower’s ambition to establish measuring and monitoring platforms that will be the foundation for standardized products. This is still at a very early stage but there certainly are a lot of indications that the level of expertise in the field in Denmark regarding wind energy and measurable increase in efficiency definitely has a place in the global markets.

– We are currently developing a marketing strategy that aims to put us in talks with a number of interesting people in terms of project sales. Through somewhat of an internal education program we will gain a high level of insight and knowledge in our senior consultants that will then be trained for each specific task. This is a lot of work since we of course are working on our current projects for clients as well. However, we hope to free up Steen Schmidt’s resources, so he can focus exclusively on the development of technology,” Martin Boje explains.

NIDays 2017

Join Us at NIDays in Copenhagen [Conference]

On November 9th the annual NIDays in Copenhagen will take place at Crowne Plaza Towers. At the conference, there will be demonstration of NI-software along with presentations of new “technical content”. As a cherry on top, NIDays is where the sharpest minds of the engineering world gather.

Gain knowledge of the latest software technology, expand your network of engineers and participate in technical sessions with scientists. This is just a small sample of the whole experience at NIDays – the ultimate place for learning and sparring if you are interested in technology and want to hear more about the development of applications, tests, instrumentation, and control systems.

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