Nu har vi også en fysiker i vores udviklingsafdeling

Now, We Also Have a Physicist on Our Development Team

We have become an employee richer at GPower! As a result of a successful internship, Andreas Boes Jakobsen continues as a part of our development team where he is going to develop modular software for several of our new projects among other things.

New Skills for Our Development Team

“I wanted to have my internship program at GPower because I have a great interest for both software and hardware. During my studies, I have also used LabVIEW myself in terms of managing and collecting data from measuring instruments, and I can gain a lot more insight into that by being a part of GPower’s development team.”

That was what Andreas said when he started in an internship program with us four weeks ago. Now, Andreas has become a part of our development team, and we look forward to having an experimental physicist into our development team that has only consisted of engineers so far.

An Internship at GPower

Besides Andreas has passed the CLAD certification (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer) from National Instruments during his internship with the purpose of getting the best and the most fundamental competences in LabVIEW, he has also among others:

    • Built on his LabVIEW skills from the university
    • Got insight into project management and design documents by being a part of an ongoing project
    • Got knowledge of embedded design by programming applications to for instance National Instruments’ RIO platform

New Strategy Calls for New Types of Developers

“In line with our new strategy, we have started looking broader for candidates for our development team. Previously, we have been looking specifically for engineers with experience in LabVIEW programming, but our focus has changed. Now, we are also looking for physicists, mathematicians and the like. And in addition to Andreas, we have also, from March 1, 2018, employed another physicist for our development team.” – Martin Boje, CEO, GPower.