GPower Attends Nordic Test Forum 2018 [Conference]

Over the next couple of days, engineers, technicians, and decision makers from the Nordic countries will meet in Snekkersten, Denmark. This is due to the annual conference Nordic Test Forum (NTF). At the conference, the latest technologies, tools, and instruments in the fields of production, test, inspection, and validation of electronics will be in focus.

What Kind of Program Can We Expect?

When the annual conference NTF takes place on 27-28 May 2018, there will, among other things, be a panel debate under the headline: “Robotics in Testing vs. Traditional Automation?”. Furthermore, there will be a workshop about Industrial Internet of Things just as several technical sessions about test and automation also will be a part of the program. In short, it is all sessions that we look forward to learning more about given that we have lots of ongoing test and automation projects for now and in the pipeline.

With regard to the program, our LabVIEW and TestStand expert, Jens Christian Andersen, looks forward to hearing more about the use of robots in testing. That said, he also looks forward to discussing the latest technologies with other professionals and specialists from Scandinavia.

What Is Nordic Test Forum (NTF)?

The objective of NTF is to facilitate a forum where test engineers and other professionals from the Nordic countries may exchange experiences, ideas, and other knowledge with relevance to the technological field of test. Presently, the main field of interest for NTF is production test of printed circuit boards and systems.

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