GPower: We Expect to Double the Number of Employees [Article]

Please note that the original article is written in Danish by Kian Johansen who is editor at the local newspaper, Lokalavisen Favrskov.

Over Nine Months, GPower Has Grown from 4 to 11 Employees

By adding one and one, you get sometimes more than two. At any rate, this seems to be the case in the programming company GPower that has office in Hinnerup near Aarhus.

Since the founder of GPower, Steen Secher Schmidt, hired a partner in August last year, the number of employees has grown from 4 to 11, and the expectation is that the number of employees will be doubled once again within a year.

The expectation is that GPower will need physicists, engineers and project managers.

“We expect to have doubled the number of employees in a year,” explains Martin Boje, CEO.

When does the growth stop?

“I cannot imagine that the growth will stop. In addition to our project sales, we have future as well as high potential earnings to deliver more standardized products to our customers,” says Martin.

From Big Companies to All Kind of Companies

Today, the customers are primarily big players such as Siemens and Vestas who need tailored solutions. While Vestas for instance needs a method to measure the load of wind turbines, Siemens has a need of simulation solutions.

In the future, the plan is that the company will focus on product sales for small and medium-sized companies.

“To make it simple, the advanced programming for big projects can be gathered in standard modules. Then, you can make use of modules that are already tested, and put them into a solution for a smaller company,” explains Martin Boje, who has 14 years of management experience from iPaper and Den Blå Avis among others.

CEO Arrived

Martin Boje takes care of the administrative tasks and strategic decisions in order to free Steen’s skills into new and exciting product development for simulation and testing among others. In the industry, Steen is known as one of the most capable programmers to handle the software produced by the predominant market leader National Instruments.

And in fact, the company was visiting the headquarters in Austin last month where a strategic co-operation agreement was discussed.

Created in 2012

Therefore, the company has been witness to a huge growth since Steen Secher Schmidt created GPower in 2012. At the time, the usual practice was to sell as many man-hours as possible instead of providing clients with high-quality solutions at a reasonable price. Steen made his ambition reality by developing a modular software-foundation with the ability to reuse and customize software elements from previous projects which has turned out to be a revolution in the industry.

The idea was to make instruments up to 80 percent complete by design start instead of starting from scratch every time to make quality instruments available for also small and medium-sized companies.

Facts About GPower

    • Established in 2012 by Steen Secher Schmidt.
    • At the time, it was a one-man business.
    • In August 2017, Martin Boje became CEO and partner.
    • Today, they are 11 employees.



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