Randers Amtsavis: Record Speed at GPower [Article]

”Record Speed at GPower – They Need More Employees”. That was the headline, when we had space in the business magazine in Randers Amtsavis last week. Here, you will find a translation of the article.

Record speed at GPower – they need more employees

At the software company GPower, they have tripled the staff of employees in just six months. Only in this year, GPower has welcomed three new developers and a project manager and has grown to be 10 employees at the time of writing, but with hopes and expectations for further growth in the next future.

Since the summer of 2017, the company has had Martin Boje at the helm as CEO and co-owner with Steen Secher Schmidt, and Martin Boje believes that there is even more for the company to find.

“Our expectations for the future are that we will build on our software in parallel with external projects, so we can make quality instruments available for a wider range of businesses than previously seen. But in order to support the future focus on both project and product sales, we need to grow the staff of employees, which we are already working on,” says Martin Boje.

Martin Boje has, among other things, been CEO at Den Blå Avis and Sales and Business Development Director at iPaper.



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