New IO-Link Release: From 17 to 51 Supported Masters [ifm]

Have you heard of GPower IO-Link? A revolutionary toolkit that gives the user plug and play access to more than 30,000 IO-Link devices in LabVIEW and TestStand. With the latest release, you have access to 51 Supported Masters! All you need is an IO-Link master! Get wiser on the masters in this blog post……

34 New Supported IO-Link Master Models!

With the first version of GPower IO-Link, we launched 17 supported masters, which have now been upgraded to a total of 51. In the list below, you will get an overview of supported masters, including the latest release of the toolkit:

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    • AL13xx Series
    • AL14xx Series
    • AL19xx Series

Pepperl+Fuchs SE

    • ICE2-8IOL-G65L-V1D
    • ICE2-8IOL-K45P-RJ45
    • ICE2-8IOL-K45S-RJ45
    • ICE3-8IOL-G65L-V1D
    • ICE3-8IOL-K45P-RJ45
    • ICE3-8IOL-K45S-RJ45


    • IOLM 4-EIP
    • IOLM 8-EIP
    • IOLM 8-EIP-L


    • IO-Link Master PROFINET (11215447)
    • IO-Link Master PROFINET (11215445)


    • I/O module – IOL MA8 EIP DI8

Carlo Gavazzi

    • YL212CEI8M1IO
    • YL212CPN8M1IO
    • YN115CEI8RPIO
    • YN115CPN8RPIO


    • CBX-8IOL Master

In a Need of Other Masters?

As we are constantly developing GPower IO-Link, we are also looking for more masters for our product. In case, you need a specific master, you are very welcome to write or call us!

Why GPower IO-Link?

LabVIEW driver for IO-Link

    • LabVIEW driver API with LabVIEW Palette
    • Easy access to all parameters of IO-Link devices thanks to the simple download of IODD files
    • Easy installation using VI Package Manager

TestStand Step Type for IO-link

    • User-friendly custom step types
    • Easy access to all parameters of IO-Link devices thanks to the simple download of IODD files
    • Direct integration to TestStand variables
    • Easy installation using NI Package Manager

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