Eksklusiv LabVIEW-gruppe er samlet hos GPower [ALUG DK]

An Exclusive LabVIEW Group Is Gathered at GPower [ALUG DK]

Today, some of Denmark's best LabVIEW users are gathered in order to share experiences related to advanced LabVIEW programming. The group named Advanced LabVIEW User Group Denmark (ALUG DK) meets approximately twice a year – and this time, GPower is hosting the meeting.

The Purpose of ALUG DK

ALUG DK is a group of advanced LabVIEW users in Denmark created by National Instruments in 2014. At present, the group consists of approximately 20 members who meet a couple of times a year to discuss topics regarding LabVIEW, including:

    • Different ways of working
    • Working processes and programming techniques
    • Supplements for National Instruments’ tools

What Is LabVIEW?

How to Become Part of the Group?

To become a member of ALUG DK, you must have worked with LabVIEW at advanced level. Participation in the group is, moreover, done on the basis of the recommendation by an existing member.

Do you want to become part of the group? You are always welcome to write or call us to get in touch with one of the ALUG DK members.