What Kind of Hardware Platforms Do We Use When Building Systems?

With regard to our software platforms, we are building systems by using the programming language, LabVIEW, and the framework for test management, TestStand. But what about our hardware platforms?

Who Is Our Preferred Hardware Supplier?

In addition to our primary software tools from National Instruments (NI) consisting of LabVIEW and TestStand, our preferred hardware supplier is also NI, but why?

The reason for this is based on many years of experience showing that solutions, developed by using NI’s software and hardware, are high-quality solutions when it comes to developing specialized systems for test, measurement, and control projects.  

But what do we mean more specifically when saying high-quality solutions? In short, if you invest in a high-quality system, you will save time and money in the final analysis, as you for instance avoid having a system that fails, that is difficult to maintain, or that does not perform as intended.

Hardware Examples

Since most of our projects involve test, measurement, and control, it is primarily PXI, CompactRIO, CompactDAQ, and PC that we make use of. 



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