More Projects Justify More Employees

More projects and products are equivalent to more employees. At GPower, that is at any rate the case as we have tripled the staff in just six months.

Two More Men from 1 May, 2018

With a growing number of projects in various industries and an ongoing development of our modular software, we have lately been looking for more system developers for our development team.

Therefore, it is also good news that we from 1 May have employed Jeppe Lohse as system developer for development projects. 

Jeppe is, however, not the only new employee with start-up 1 May. As a result of the increasing staffing in the development team, we have also employed an experienced project manager for project management of existing and future projects by the name of Michael Prisskov Lundsgaard. Michael has, among other things, more than 10 years of experience in terms of software and hardware projects.

Expectations for the Future

“Our expectations for the future are that we will build on our modular software simultaneously with the execution of external projects, so we can make quality instruments available for a wider range of businesses than previously seen. In this respect, we look also forward to launching our product sales page in a few months as it helps to support our future focus on both project and product sales” – Martin Boje, CEO, GPower.



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