Never Leave Electronics Unattended When Developers Are Present!

Normally, people have no need to break down hardware in smaller parts in order to see what is hiding behind the technical equipment. However, this is COMPLETELY different in terms of developers! A claim that has been confirmed once again here at the office in Hinnerup.

A Typical Day at the Office

A possible supplier had brought along some marketing material consisting of a video player among others. In keeping with tradition, the small piece of electronics could not stay on the developers’ table for many seconds before it was transformed into atoms.

For our developers, it was not enough to know that it was “some kind of video player” with some marketing material. It had to be investigated – investigated down to the last detail.

The Current Situation

In addition to a technical feedback, the last message, we received from the development department, was that our CEO has to let them know when he is going to use the player again…

Here in the administration, we must acknowledge that we actually look forward to getting the player back in its original state as it is usually us that are teased regarding our technical skills… 😀



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