Experienced Test Engineer Becomes Part of GPower’s Team!

At GPower, we welcome Morten Baltzer who has become part of our development team. Besides many years of experience as a certified test engineer, Morten has also an in-depth knowledge of NI software and hardware, among others.

With an increasing number of development projects and more finished test and measurement products, we have hired Morten as a software developer from March 1, 2021.

Morten has a degree in mechanical engineering from Aarhus University. After graduating, he worked for a few years at our partner NI (National Instruments) in Stockholm acquiring a great deal of knowledge about NI’s software and hardware products, among others. Most recently, Morten comes from a position as a test engineer at Prevas being responsible for developing and optimizing test systems using LabVIEW and TestStand. In both positions, he has had a commercial role, which is also an opportunity at GPower:

“Despite the corona situation, we have hired Morten because he is the right profile for our development department. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of NI, he also has extensive experience in developing and optimizing test systems. At the same time, he also has the desire and ability to combine software development and sales. This is “spot on” here and now but also in the future” – Martin Boje, CEO at GPower.

Why GPower?

“I turned to GPower, as they are the leading LabVIEW team in Denmark which is my great passion. Moreover, it seems like everyone works together on projects. So, instead of being like 15 one-man companies in one company, I see GPower as a team working together and utilizing synergies to achieve the final goal. This fact combined with the possibility of having an influence on a company’s further development captured my interest”, says Morten Baltzer.

A very warm welcome to Morten! 👏



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