Choose GPower – the Highest Certified for Test [TestStand]

Do you need a new test system? At GPower, we have many years of experience in developing specialized test systems for everything from production environments to development departments. The many years of experience are also supported by the fact that we are the highest TestStand certified in Denmark – TestStand, which is a framework for test management from National Instruments.

How Do Our Certifications Affect You?

At GPower, we are the highest TestStand certified in Denmark, but what does that actually mean for you? Initially, one can argue that the title itself does not have a decisive influence on you. That said, the competencies involved can play a major role, because it creates a common skill set in relation to developing high-quality test concepts with a great amount of stability.

What Is the Characteristic of GPower’s Test Concepts?

GPower’s test concepts are all based on a solid software foundation consisting of our proprietary basic libraries and well-proven modules from previous projects. So, even though we are often building new test systems, we are rarely developing the software from scratch, as we in many cases can reuse parts of previously defined source code. An approach that typically results in higher quality, lower costs, shorter development time, and more flexibility.

With Our Test Concepts, You Can Expect Following

So, even though a new, customized test system can seem very expensive and time-consuming, our recommendation is, nevertheless, that you should avoid building on existing systems. A recommendation that is based on many years of experience seeing our customers saving time and money by choosing new, customized test systems. This is due to the fact that these systems can detect and anticipate errors to a greater extent, just as they can streamline processes and increase the product quality. At the same time, you will also avoid maintaining old and often outdated systems. 



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